World Fragrance Day

World Fragrance Day

World Fragrance Day is celebrated every year on March 21st. This day is dedicated to celebrating the art of perfumery and the impact that fragrance has on our lives. Perfumes and fragrances have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, with scents being used in religious ceremonies, as offerings to gods, and for personal adornment.

Today, the fragrance industry is a massive global market, with millions of people around the world using perfumes, colognes, and other scented products on a daily basis. The perfume industry has evolved so much that it represents one of today’s most important fashion accessories.

LEDDA, the new project created by beauty and lifestyle influencer Stephanie Ledda has taken the fragrance industry by storm after creating one of the most desired scents in 2023 through the crafting of a unique custom-designed experience for all women. Stephanie started her career as a YouTuber and has since become one of the most influential beauty bloggers around the world. With over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and a massive following on Instagram, Stephanie has built a loyal fan base who seek out her recommendations and advice in fragrance, beauty and lifestyle.

One of the things that has set LEDDA apart from other fragrance brands, is the quality of the ingredients used in each scent. Stephanie has made a conscious effort to use only high-quality, natural ingredients in her fragrances, which makes them more luxurious and long-lasting when compared with many other scents on the market.

22 Orris, Stephanie’s debut Eau de parfum is unique and special in its own way as she made sure that the scent evolves as it is worn. 22 Orris is composed of 3 levels of scent. The top notes which are the immediate smell after being sprayed, are composed of pear leaf, pink pepper, and wild freesia. They are crisp, sharp, and fresh.

The key middle notes (the smell that evolves after several hours) consists of a bouquet of complex earthy florals; sheer jasmine, lily of the valley, and orris.

To finish, the base notes are the final element. They stabilize and strengthen the other notes and maintain the aromas energy. Base notes are the smell that will last overnight. It tends to be rich, heavy, and long-lasting. Sandalwood and marshmallow musk form the base of 22 Orris. The creamy, rich dry-down is a perfect balance of woody and sweet.

By creating, 22 Orris, Stephanie has delivered to the world, the perfect scent for your evening plans; dinner, date, and even more. You'll be sure to always excite the people around you.

Why not enjoy the #moments that Stephanie and 22 Orris set out to enjoy together to help celebrate Word Fragrance Day for yourself.

Learn more about LEDDA's scent notes here.

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