Parade - 02/15/2023

"The new kid on the block (and icon in the making), 22 Orris is deeply sensual and inviting. The combination of iris, sandalwood and musk, among other magnetic notes, smells fresh yet familiar..."

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Los Angeles time - 02/10/2023

"Some creators are optimistic, too. Mariale Marrero and Stephanie Ledda, two influencers who make content about makeup and beauty products, said business remains steady, thanks in part to recent products they’ve launched: a makeup collection from Marrero, a perfume from Ledda..."

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ca fleur bon - 12/25/2022

"Influencer Stephanie Ledda’s first fragrance 22 Orris, a fruity upbeat iris with 22 percent pure orris was in collaboration with Firmenich Principal Perfumer Frank Voekl- Michelyn Camen..."

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Happi - 12/2022

"Fine Fragrance Continues Its Scent-sational Comeback..."

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beauty packaging - 11/19/2022

"Also, Ledda, a bespoke fragrance company founded by beauty influencer and entrepreneur Stephanie Ledda, launched its first scent—22 Orris. The leading note in the fragrance is Orris—a unique floral and versatile floral aroma..."

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Glossy - 11/02/2022

Voelkl said, “This scent is a reflection of Stephanie; it has characteristics that are elevated but approachable at the same time. The ingredients used in the fragrance are a luxurious experience for consumers, as we use precious ingredients such as pink pepper and orris, which is one of the most expensive ingredients in our perfumer palette...”