Stephanie Ledda is a celebrated beauty influencer and entrepreneur. With an unwavering passion for creativity and breaking industry boundaries, her fragrance knowledge knows no bounds.

“I’ve been in love with perfumes for most of my life, so the opportunity to begin creating my own fragrances felt like a dream come true. With 22 Orris, I set out to create something completely unique, that would evoke sensations of warmth and anticipation.”
- Stephanie Ledda, Founder


About the perfumer

Frank Voelkl
Principal perfumer

Frank Voelkl is an industry powerhouse. His signature trait is “creating fragrances that connect with your soul, with the power to elicit pure, unadulterated happiness”.

Frank has helped engineer some of the beauty industry’s most recognizable fragrances, including Le Labo’s SANTAL 33. Stephanie and Frank work together to develop one-of-a-kind, highly personalized scents, unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

“Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable about fragrance, and we happen to gravitate toward very similar scent profiles,” Voelkl stated. “The beauty of working with Stephanie is that it is a true collaboration - Stephanie is able to illustrate what she likes, and I help her to capture what she is envisioning. I think her authenticity shines through in each one of LEDDA's stunning fragrances."

Perfume creation process

Making a fragrance

At LEDDA, we’re dedicated to creating fine fragrances that evoke emotion and captivate the senses. We take the utmost care in crafting each scent and explore ingredients that layer together to create unique combinations.

Here’s how our we turn fragrances from dreams to reality. 

Concept Development

We take time to delve into emotions and the moments that underpin them; selecting a feeling or memory that we can attach a scent to. This allows us to create a compelling story; crafting a relatable narrative around our fragrances.

Creating the Accord

Once we have a concept, we choose vertical and horizontal accords; pairing together ingredients that complement and highlight an olfactive story. We experiment and layer until a harmonious balance is created that matches our initial vision and narrative.

Perfume process

Ingredient Extraction

Next, we begin sourcing our ingredients for bulk production, which largely come from either natural or synthetic origins. With ingredients sourced, we set about extracting the essential oils from our chosen sources. This is done in several ways depending on the type of ingredient - from co-extraction to solvent extraction, steam distillation to expression or enfleurage to maceration.

Ingredient Blending

Creating a scent begins once the essential oils are extracted and any relevant synthetic/lab made materials are collected. From here, the ingredients are blended according to the perfumer-developed formula to begin creating the fragrance.

The Aging Process

High quality perfumes are often aged for months after the ingredients have been blended. This ensures the proper scent has been created as a stable, long-lasting formula. Aging allows all level of notes to be develop and blend together to create a well-bodied fragrance.

Quality Control

Quality control is a vital step in the perfume manufacturing process. It ensures that the perfume is of a high standard and gives the desired fragrance, as well as excluding any potentially harmful products.

Filling & Packing

Once the perfume has passed our rigorous quality control tests, the filling process begins. Using an automated filling machine, glass bottles are filled with perfectly aged fragrance before the atomizer and cap are added further down the production line. The labels are then applied by hand, with finished bottles placed into their individual boxes and sealed in compostable bio-cello wrap.

How to make a fragrance last longer

Fading fragrances are a thing of the past.

Here’s three of our top tips to make your fragrance last longer.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

Ensuring your skin is moisturized before applying your favorite scent will make it last longer.

2. Use your pulse points

Applying fragrance to pulse points like your chest and wrists keeps fragrance actives warm, helping to spread scents across your body.

3. Let it dry

Rubbing your wrists or patting your skin may feel natural because of the extra moisture, but this can make the top notes fade faster. Let your fragrance dry naturally for that subtle, long-lasting glow.