What is a scent profile?

What is a scent profile?

Do you remember the last time you smelt a fragrance? You probably used a scent profile to describe it: “Fruity”, “Citrus”, “Spicy”...

A scent profile, also known as an olfactive family, is a way of classifying how a perfume smells. Rather than focusing on ingredients, we can categorize different fragrances according to which scent family it belongs to by exploring the layered notes. 

There are seven basic scent profiles. LEDDA’s debut fragrance 22 Orris fits in to the “Gourmand” and “Floral” categories.

Gourmand perfumes are mouth-watering scents that tend to smell edible. The top and base notes of 22 Orris contain the sweetness of marshmallow musk combined with the spiciness of pink pepper. 

Floral is one of the most popular scent profiles and the central layer of 22 Orris. The floral notes fuse together like a bouquet of flowers, each with their own unique aroma.

Both are balanced to bring you the perfect fragrance for a date night or any occasion.

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