International women’s day

International women’s day

From the marketing department to our ecommerce team and everywhere in between, LEDDA is run on a big dose of girl power. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to call out some of LEDDA’s leading women, including our female founder Stephanie Ledda so you can get to know the team a little more…

Stephanie Ledda - Founder

Stephanie is a multifaceted influencer and entrepreneur. From developing a debut scent that perfectly encapsulates her favourite fragrance notes to bringing her creative concepts to life, Stephanie takes a very active involvement across all areas of the LEDDA business. Alongside LEDDA, Stephanie has a jewellery collection with Stone and Strand and is creator of California harvested wine brand Esemelle.  

Vanessa Delmuro and Mallory Llewelyn - Talent X

Vanessa and Mallory from Talent X form the core of Stephanie’s management team. They have been instrumental mentors throughout the LEDDA journey and act as a daily point of contact for any operational queries. Their input and opinion is always invaluable, after all they know Stephanie better than most!

Ledda is a strong feminine brand and it has always been important for us to work with as many women as we can. Unfortunately, we cannot quote every single woman who works on LEDDA but they all represent a big part of what the brand stands for today.

Our scent has even inspired our customers to feel more powerful around their important life moments and this is exactly why Stephanie Ledda wanted to launch a fragrance brand: to empower women.

Some of our favourite reviews:

“Feminine energy in a bottle.” Gina - Nov, 26th

“Let me just say I wore the fragrance out for the first time today. I went shopping with my mom and she would not stop saying how good this fragrance smelt every few minutes! It smells like nothing else I have in my collection. “ Brittany - Nov, 19th

“This perfume smells so feminine and just plain gorgeous!” Sarah - Feb, 11th

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